Counting with KRISTINA - is a picture book series for children from 2 years.

Colourful pictures of age-appropriate topics invite your child to open up the number range from 1 to 10 in a playful way.

It is our aim to facilitate the transition to letters and to spark the joy of reading with our fun motives, while your child learns to count. Especially for boys!


In addition, in some volumes the content is described in a few words. Therefore, our books are perfectly suitable for children from non-native speaker families. 

The first volume of this series is determined for the little ones.

Simple, clear and striking illustrations and animal motives.


Our series "forest animals" – we sensitize children to their environment.

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First creative sheets – recognize and learn numbers

Sturdy cardboard - printed on two sides - rounded corners - suitable for wax crayons, crayons, felt pens ... - here only excerpts

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