Dear parents,


... since 2019 our books and brochures for beginning readers appear with four different logos.

Each logo represents a certain reading ability. The logos built on each other.

The logos will help you to identify the books, which are suitable for your child. Because, who could know better than you, what is best for your child? Every child learns differently. Therefore, the age information on our books should be understood as a rough guide.

Some children draw their first letters in preschool age and practice reading. Others learn it only in school. Every child has its individual pace.

Along with you as allies, we want to spark the fun of reading with your child. 

Some of our books come along with accompanying material like writing exercises, treasure maps, copybooks or postcards for young writers.


We book manufacturers are curious about your experience with our products for beginning readers.

We appreciate your feedback!

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Jacobs Children's Book


Your child is already practicing the alphabet? Is it eager to start reading? Then our books and brochures with this logo are suitable:


Ready to read = Big letters – simple words – word matching illustrations 


This is the next step. Your child is ready for short stories. For some words, it still needs some help, but your child is ready to take the challenge.  

This KRISTINA-logo represents the next reading level.


Read with support = Big letters – short sentences – simple stories – matching illustrations



Great! Your child is already able to read alone. It is now ready to distinguish characters, to rate their behaviour and take another step to the next reading level.

This KRISTINA-logo represents:


Read alone = smaller letters – longer sentences – interesting characters – comprehensible illustrations


Now, your child is a real reading expert. The stories are getting longer, the letters smaller and the stories are subdivided by chapters.  

Our expert-KRISTINA shows, that we have translated these things in our books ...


Read paragraphs and chapters = smaller letters – chapter division – interesting topics - illustrations 

Your child will make a great figure with our organic cotton shirts and furthermore, they also serve as a motivational aid.


Available for children from 5 to 8 years, with various motives in our shop:



Your child read its first book. Alone or with some help. That is great! Now it will certainly be curious about new stories and it will be very proud.

How about a little motivation?

Download a certificate here. Suitable for every reading level.

We send class sets for school classes. The certificates are visually very appealing and consist of sturdy 300 g cardboard from natural paper.