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Babett Jacobs: First of all there is the writer, the author. The story buzzes around in her head, until she lets her pen dance on paper.

Julia Gerigk: But a story only becomes a picture book after a draftsman, an illustrator, has kissed the figures awake, almost like a sleeping beauty.

Katharina Platz: Finally, the editor checks, if nothing got mixed up in the story. Of course, she also looks after the spelling.

Billy Bock: The layouter puts everything in the right place at the end, so that no letter and no picture breaks ranks


Dear parents, dear readers,  


my name is Babett Jacobs. I’m a mother of two children and I have some experience with LEARNING TO READ and I would like to pass that on to you.

Since october 2015 I’m a self-employed author and publisher.

Therefore, I’m a selfpublisher. That means, that I’m responsible for all steps from the idea to the finished book. I make sure, that my text gets illustrated, edited and corrected. I also care about the print and the marketing.

In 2017, I engaged professional service providers.  

I constantly exchange ideas with parents, teachers and speech therapists. Furthermore, I resort to sound scientific findings on the topic language, motor activity and learn to read.

I rely on your feedback to improve my books for your children. Please send me a note here.



You can get my books on my website:


I guarantee you an attractive offer and seasonal products for children.

All books are printed exclusively in Germany, because sustainability and high quality are very important to me.

E-books, paperback editions and a limited number of hardback editions are also available on amazon.


Please contact me, if you have any further questions or suggestions.  

At Jacobs Children's Book you can expect a colourful and interesting, but above all an instructive and entertaining publishing programme, which keeps on growing …


Have fun with our books, craft templates and colouring books!


Babett Jacobs.